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4 Smart Ways to Drive Social Media Conversions

Likes, shares, reports — these are arguably essential on social media. For many users, achieving them is the ultimate goal. But not for you. You, leading a blog or running a business, need not only get this type of activity. You should also make use of it.

In other words, seeing the burgeoning of likes and shares is excellent. But without stimulating people to do another step–like purchasing your product or using your services–your social media will remain an ineffective venue for boosting your business.

You have to look at your social media strategy differently and focus on driving conversion and making your followers and readers vigorous customers. How do you do that? First, remember to brush up on your visuals and ensure your social media profile is spectacular. 

Social Media Conversions

You can create designs for free with vista create for any landing page. Second, keep reading the article; we've put together four practical ways to increase your social media conversions.

What makes a good social media profile?

But before diving into the conversion strategy, let us determine what a good social media profile looks like. Indeed, we've already agreed on the fact that a profile must contain appealing visuals to draw people's attention to it. Yet, it isn't the only thing to retain the clients and keep them engaged.

Other than awe-inspiring images, videos, and illustrations, an excellent profile must stand out in terms of:

  • Consistency: Leading a social media profile requires an effective strategy; the latter must consider when users open apps to make sure released posts are published on a fixed time and get the necessary outreach.
  • Originality: Many people report that they start appreciating brands' profiles more when they see their uniqueness, i.e., exclusive posts, visuals, structure, format, and many more. It also helps brands become distinct and recognizable.
  • Practicality: The best way to add value to the brand and thus drive conversions is to make social profiles helpful to people. For example, such value manifests in publishing educational articles or arranging discussions, revealing Q&A sessions, etc.

Proliferating unparalleled social proof

Often, brands underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. They focus more on analytics and paid ads and spend little time interacting with followers. However, one of the most efficient and ridiculously easy ways to boost your conversions is by letting your clients speak.

User-generated content is a thing that brands frequently overlook. It is a potent tool that can help your brand advance and make others buy your product.

UGC might vary and include videos and creative images made by your customers. You may want to think about what content you aspire to see the most and talk about the rules with the clients. Also, remember that UGC isn't restricted to social media. You can also include it on your website, for instance, creating a lookbook of people who purchased your product.

Gravitating toward mobile-friendly content

Have you ever sat in front of the PC and used your mobile to scroll the feed and see what's new? If yes, you’ll agree that doing that is convenient (and it's not odd), for you can switch between apps speedily and see various posts promptly. Besides, mobile apps provide a much better user experience and interface (UX & UI) than desktop apps, which usually look clumsy and too brutal. And that's understandable. Social media platforms funnel the most resources to advance mobile apps, as more people use their phones to chat, read, and consume content overall.

Review your content and its pertinence to small screens if you want to raise your conversions. You need your profile, be it on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, to be attention-getting, informative, and, above all, user-friendly.

Learning the ins out of CTA buttons

Many people claim CTA buttons to be overly pushy and thus ineffective. Others, in turn, say that such buttons may be crucial, but they don't use them. We can't agree with either, as we think CTA buttons are a tremendous tool you can't omit.

Doing some analysis will help you identify where your CTA button will fit the best. We also recommend experimenting and distancing yourself from the overused link in bio CTA buttons, as they are often impractical.

Making purchases immediate

As mentioned earlier, people prefer to use phones when opening social media apps because they’re handy and straightforward. And besides adjusting your content and page to mobile apps, you'd be better off allowing your followers to make purchases directly on the app.

Of course, it doesn't take much time to click the CTA button and go to the web page to make a purchase. But let's be honest. It would be way more suitable to check the product on the app and buy it right away.

These days, social commerce is steadily reaching the limelight, so hop on that train and convert your readers to customers.


Driving social media conversions is a stepping stone toward building a successful brand. Apart from profits, it diversifies your content and divulges new ways to interact with customers and meet their expectations.

Depending on your business and its focus, you may need to do more to raise the conversion rate. Typically, though, the mentioned ways would suffice.

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