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Top 7 Best IP Address Lookup Tool in 2022

Do you want to boost your website analytics? Or just interested in improving the visitor's experience? Having the correct IP Address Lookup tool can solve your problem, whatever the situation may be.

The best tool will provide you with authentic insights and analytics. It will help you know about the domain name, map, time zone, address, and an IP's approximate location.

But how will you know which tool is helpful for you and which is not?

We'll help you in this regard since we will unveil the top 7 best IP Address Lookup tools available in 2022. Track us below!

IP Address


The is on the top of the list because of a reason. Commonly the IP Address Lookup tools provide you with information about the geolocation of a particular address.

But this one goes the extra mile and lets you know about the technologies used by your competitors. This way, you can better update your services by analyzing your competitors' websites. Sounds great, right?

Using this tool is relatively easy as you have to enter the website's IP address and press the "Check Now" button. Then you will get the complete details of that specific IP address; it's as simple as that.

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2- DNS checker

Next up is the DNS checker’s IP location lookup tool, which is a straightforward tool to check out the details of an IP address. Once you put an IP address in its search bar, it will tell you about the exact geolocation of the domain. It also provides other exhaustive information like ISP, latitude, and longitude.


The KeyCDN is a web-based tool and the best option for collecting data about IP addresses.

When you enter an IP address in this tool, it will show the hostname, continent, coordinates, country, and ASN results. After having these metrics in front of you, you can secure your ROI and increase revenue.

Besides, it also has the potential of facilitating the geolocation of IPv6. Make sure to add a valid IP address, or else you won't get the desired results.

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4- is for all those who want to locate an IP address quickly, just in a few minutes.

Interested in knowing what information you can get by using This fantastic tool will tell you about Proxy, Browser, User-Agent information, and ISP.

Its job doesn't end here, but it also provides additional information that many other tools can't. For instance, it will inform you about whether the other user has allowed the JavaScript and cookie or not.

It will be a real game-changer for busy folks since it's time-efficient and has outstanding performance.

5- Whatismyip

Do you want to check out the geolocation of an IP address with minimal effort? Then get your hands on without any second thought.

Like other best IP address lookup tools, it will provide information about ISP, city, country name, and time zone. Note that you should never rely on a single tool entirely. Because there could not any tool is 100% perfect, right?

So, if you want to get "authentic" results, then cross-check the IP Lookup results of various websites. That will help you to get accurate and authentic results.

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6- InfoSniper

Another great tool on the list is InfoSniper. This tool is handy and can provide you with various information related to a specific IP address.

It has multiple snippets of data, and you can choose among the option Yahoo Maps, Microsoft Maps, or Google Maps to look at the location.

InfoSniper provides the hostname, state, provider, latitude/longitude, and area code. Besides, you can get the exact location of the city or town where an IP address is located.

The cherry on the top is the informative links on Wikipedia that you get to find out more about the IP address.

7- introduces IP Tracer, and it is such an outstanding tool. It provides you with the complete details of an IP address, including the town or city from where it is coming.

What's more? It can send you a Google positioning map and latitude and longitude coordinates.

The IP tracker can also provide a speed test connection, OS, browser, and poxy information. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best IP address Lookup tools available in 2022.


It's essential to select the correct IP address lookup tool. Otherwise, you don't get the desired results. We have distilled the top 7 best lookup tools that are easy to use and provide you with the complete geographical information of a particular IP address.

If you ask for our preference, we will suggest using IP This excellent tool also provides information about your competitors' hosting providers and technologies. So, what else can you demand?

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